International and Local Teachers

International and Local Teachers

Fabio Robles (Festival Director)


  • Australian Centenary medal, awarded by her majesty Queen Elizabeth, 2002
  • GHOST RIDER, Colombia Pictures Holliwood, 2005, Actor
  • New Zealand Tango Festival 2004 – 2012, dancer, choreographer
  • ONE NIGHT IN BUENOS AIRES Tour, Australia and New Zealand, 2007 – 2008 Dancer/ choreographer/ Director
  • DIRTY DANCING Musical, 2004 – 2005 Australian Tour Dancer, choreographer / dancer / singer
  • TANGOS VIOLIN, Australian Tour, Dancer/choreographer 2006
  • Tania Kassis, Australian tour, 2014, Dancer/choreographer (Sydney Opera House)
  • OLE OLE Australian/New Zealand tour, 2011, dancer choreographer/Director
  • Australian Tango Champion, Sydney Opera house, 2005/2006/2008
  • Japan Tango Dance show, Tokyo , 2007 , dancer.
  • World Tango Championship, Argentina, Luna Park,  Finalist 2005/2006/2008
  • Melbourne symphony orchestra, Astor Piazzolla concert, 2002, dancer/choreographer.
  • Adelaide Symphony orchestra, TANGO, dancer, choreographer.
  • Auckland philarmonic Orchestra,
  • WOMAD FESTIVAL New Zealand, 2007, dancer
  • Wanaka Festival of Color, New Zealand, 2009
  • Jambalya Festival NZ 2012
  • DANCING WITH THE STARS, Freehand Media (Chanel 7 Australia) Choreographer 2007 -2016
  • SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, Freemantle media (chanel 10 Australia) choreographer/dancer 2007 – 2014


DanielCristinaCristina Sosa and Daniel Nacucchio

Cristina Sosa and Daniel Nacucchio Four times World Champions in 2008

  • World Tango Chamionship (Tango Salon)
  • Metropolitan Tango Championship (Tango Salon)
  • Metrololitan Tango Championship (Milonga)
  • Japan Open (Tango Salon)

Cristina and Daniel are generous and warm-hearted teachers who teach Tango de Salon with the emphasis on connection and musicality. Drawing from a depth of knowledge their teaching is inspiring and concise. They are one of the most highly sought after performers and teachers in international festivals and workshops. Their performances are spectacular and precise and they have participated in many major national and international tango shows such as '' El Café de los Maestros'', ''Tango mas Tango'' y "Tango y Nada Mas".


Fabian Salas and Lola DiazFabian-workshops2

Fabian Salas is an internationally renowned tango dancer, teacher, researcher and choreographer, famed for his distinctive approach to the dance.

Born in 1963 in La Plata, capital of the Buenos Aires province, Fabian was educated both in Argentina and the US, trained as a lawyer and moved to the city of Buenos Aires to practice law and dance the tango in 1988.

By 1992, Fabian had begun touring the world as a tango teacher becoming then, one of the first professional touring teachers in history and opening in such way, many doors to others who later decided to join this activity. In 1995 he started an investigation group which lead to the development of a revolutionary way of understanding, teaching and dancing the tango. In 1996, Fabian took part in the filming of the motion picture "Evita", and a year later was one of the main dancers in the award-winning film "The Tango Lesson".

Fabian runs the tango education organisations Cosmotango and TangoPal and has created a series of instructional videos to teach authentic Tango in 10 easy lessons. He is also the organiser and director of the CITA (Congreso International de Tango Argentino) the world's most important annual tango event, which brings together tango lovers, practitioners and leading tango artists in the Argentine capital.

Currently, he is partnered by Lola Díaz,

Lola Díaz started dancing at the age of 5. When she was 7, she entered to the school of Teatro Colon, where she studies classical ballet until the age of 16, becoming dancer of the permanent staff of the theatre from 1999 to 2002. Takes part also in the ballet under the age of 16 directed by world renowned dancer Julio Bocca. Since very young she learns as well different dance techniques such as Jazz, Modern and Tango. As a tango dancer, and regardless of her short age, she has participated in various productions of which the most important are:

  • “La hora del Tango”, Festival Classico Pompeiano 2007
  •  principal roll and choreography assistant of the Clip “Nexus” 2007
  • principal roll and choreographer (Tango y Ballet) of the Clip “Tango Hereje” 2006.

As a tango teacher she also has a very active career, where besides international tours, she has taught at La Viruta in Buenos Aires for over 4 years.


David Backler -david and diane Dianne Heywood-Smith

  • Festival Co-Producers - proudly presenting the 2016 Australian Tour and the Melbourne Festival Argentino appearance of Cristina Sosa and Daniel Nacchucio

David Backler and Dianne Heywood-Smith are SidewalkTango

With backgrounds in classical ballet and theatre,  SidewalkTango have extensive professional experience performing and teaching Tango Argentino. Touring Internationally in Korea, Singapore, Shanghai and Buenos Aires, and at home across Australia.

Founded in 1989, the company is well known as one of the "Tango Ambassadors" in Australia and New Zealand.

From their many outstanding performances, recent highlights include sell out smash hit shows at Festival Hall Adelaide with Maestro Maximo Pujol 2015 and with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at Myer Music Bowl in February 2016.

what the press said:

“Pure Gold….Riveting”
“Compelling…immaculate technique”
Limelight Magazine

“Marvellous...Dazzling performances”
Broadway News



Alberto and Natalia Cortezalberto and Natalia

Alberto and Natalia Cortez, born and raised in Mendoza Argentina, migrated to Australia in the early nineties.
In 1996 they opened their own tango school “Solo Tango” and since then have been sharing their love for this dance to the wider community, both in Australia and New Zealand.
For their work and contributions to tango they have received recommendations from the Centro Argentino of Victoria & the Uruguayans United (Melbourne) Inc, Ventana Latina (Frankston City Council) and Northern Tango (Darwin)
Performing at festivals and major events, Alberto and Natalia are an integral part of the Argentinian Tango community in Australia and worldwide.



Rina and Nadim Sawaya


IMG_4661Rina started classical ballet at the age of 3 and has been dancing various styles of dance before finally falling in love with Argentine Tango. She taught and performed in Tokyo up until end of 2011. In Tokyo, she had the honor of appearing in shows choreographed and graced by world reknown Tango artists. Rina arrived in Melbourne in early 2012 where she formed a partnership with Nadim Sawaya.

In classes, Rina focuses on teaching core elements to provide a foundation for students so that they can then create their own Tango and make it their own. Rina also specializes in working to rediscover the body’s natural movement for improving body control.

She is also a strong advocate of utilising the principles of Tango for the purpose of aiding individuals who may have various health conditions in achieving a better quality of life. Rina was recently involved in a study titled “Dancing for Parkinson’s”. This is an international study conducted by La Trobe University in conjunction with Limerick University and St. John of God Hospital in Venice, looking at using dance to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Rina also works with Martial Arts groups in Melbourne to assist them in improving their posture, balance and controling their bodies for more efficient movements, effectively “”doing more with less”.

They have most recently had the honor of performing at "La Baldosa" and "Fruto Dulce", both prestigious Milongas in Buenos Aires in 2014 and the Sydney International Salon Tango Festival in 2015 as invited guests.

Nadim grew up listening to tango on his father’s old records. This early musical introduction gave him the base that would later make him one of Australia’s top Tango DJs. Nadim has been an avid music student his entire life, playing the cello in several orchestras before discovering the joys of dancing tango.

Nadim’s teaching is informed by his deep understanding and appreciation of music as well as from the practicalities of dancing in the social scene, where he is highly regarded for his excellent musicality and smooth style. His clean, precise lines give him an elegance students are keen to aspire to, and his emphasis on tango musicality helps students develop a well-rounded understanding of the dance and its music.

Nadim is also a practioner of Kendo (Japanese fencing) which he also believes helps in understanding body mechanics and movement.

Rina & Nadim are recognised for their unique style of teaching, which focuses on improving the body’s natural coordination combined with their deep understanding of tango. This focus is evident in their beautiful natural earthiness in their dancing. Their style of dancing is elegant, connected and smooth.


Stephanie SilcockStephany

Stephanie began training at Avant Ballet Studio in Adelaide and then full-time training in Melbourne completing diplomas in Classical Ballet and Performing Arts.

Her career highlights include performing as a singer, dancer, actress and aerialist for Tokyo DisneySea and Royal Caribbean International.

In 2006, Stephanie's travels took her to Buenos Aires where she joined the contemporary/tango company, TangoKinesis, performing at the Château de Versailles, and also danced tango professionally at the renowned Cafe Tortoni in Buenos Aires.

Making her musical theatre debut in the international tour of Cats (Really Useful Group), Stephanie first appeared as the role of Electra, covering Sillabub, Rumpleteaser, Cassandra and Demeter, and then played the role of Victoria the white cat for the Australian season.

She went on to perform in the original cast of the world premiere Australian production of Dr Zhivago (GFO productions/Skyline Theatricals) playing the roles of Young Lara and Katarina, the Australian tour of Annie (GFO productions) understudying the role of Lily St Regis, and the Australian tour of Grease (GFO productions) as dance captain understudying the roles of Patty Simcox, Frenchy and Miss Lynch.

Stephanie most recently appeared on the Australian stage as Jemima in the new London Palladium version of Cats (Really Useful Group).

Stephanie is currently partnering Fabio Robles, teaching and performing Tango.

Leonel ColqueLeonel
Leonel is an Argentine born Tango dancer who has had a long trajectory of Tango dancing, teaching and DJ-ing in Buenos Aires, Canada and Sydney. Prior to Melbourne becoming his ‘home’, Leonel studied Tango in Buenos Aries with a string of profound Tango dancers and Maestros, developing his traditional Tango style, and teaching at one of the most traditional Milongas in Buenos Aires, ‘La Confiteria Ideal’. Leonel actively continues to develop and refine his Tango based on the traditional Tango technique while pushing boundaries with his own creative flare. He is a dedicated and attentive teacher, openly sharing his love of Tango and developing his students into refined and stylish dancers. In 2012 he was placed in the top 100 of the Tango World Cup Championship on the category ‘Tango de Pista’ in Buenos Aries, Argentina.





Fernando studied Argentine Folklore dance from an early age. This was quickly followed by other forms fernando wbsite
of dance which contributed to his formation as a dancer and an artist. He experimented with ballet, latin rhythms, theatrical dance, and clown. His passion for tango led him to study intensivelywith Martin Maldonado and Maurizio Ghella. In 2010, he was recruited by DNI Tango School to perform with the DNI Tango Company, later joining DNI's teaching staff and studying with Dana Frigoli and Pablo Villarraza, founders of DNI Tango.
The last two years he has been working in Chimelong International Circus in China with the Malambo Dance Company, as well as teaching Tango and Folklore in South Africa, Russia, Prague, Ireland, Germany and Italy. Today he continues his studies with Pablo Villarraza to further

Argentinean Week Prague - November 2015 Teacher and dancer.

Tango Rhythm Siberia - November 2015 Teacher and dancer

Chimelong International Circus Zhuhai China - November 2014 - October 2015 performing with “Guillermo Kuly Gomez Dance Company” Malambo with drumm and boleadoras.

Tango High Berlin Tango Circus Berlin - August 2013. Directed by Thomas Rieser Clown and Dancer.
Tango en Punta 2013 Bregenz Edition - September 2013 Teacher and dancer.

South Africa Tango Libertango Cape Town School - November 2013 Teacher.

Opening Fashion Week Paris - September 2013 Performing with “Marca2 Dance Company”.



Kristina Diaz - B.A, B.EdKristinaTango

Tango Argentino

Kristina possess a wealth of experience, vibrance, passion and professionalism, she is a well-known talent in the Melbourne Latin dance scene and pioneer of the Tango movement in Australia. Kristina has taught workshops and given exhibitions throughout Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Her natural ability and her training with some of the greatest tango masters from Argentina give her a unique capacity to instill her students with a deep feeling for the subtle nuances of tango - something she feels very passionately about.

Kristina is Australia's only Argentine-born female Tango dancer and instructor and has a special talent for creating a fun and inspiring learning atmosphere for her students at all levels and at all ages.