Four Iconic Buildings

new4iconicbuildings2PARLIAMENT HOUSE
Parliament House is one of Melbourne's most renowned landmarks.
It’s facade, which faces the intersection of Spring and Bourke street is magnificent. The sweeping steps, elegant lamps and grand colonnade suggest solidity, strength and a moment in time. Construction commenced in 1856 and continued for many years due to the various stages of the building.
The interior is breathtaking, with an abundance of gold motifs and splendid artworks which surround the walls and ceilings.
The Melbourne Festival Argentino’s Media Launch will be held in the Queens Hall which was constructed in 1879. Named after Queen Victoria this hall was used for parliamentary receptions and formal banquets.


four iconic cwood 1COLLINGWOOD TOWN HALL
The Collingwood Town Hall is a civic building that was built between 1885 and 1890. It is widely considered one of the finest Town Halls in Australia and is now used for special functions and as an exhibition space.
It’s unpainted ornate exterior is an example of the 19th century boom style classicism in Victoria. The exterior remains intact and is relatively the sam as it was when the building was opened in 1887.
This grand and attractive building which is dominated by a soaring clock tower is arranged internally with heavily ornamented stucco and wrought iron.
Also spectacular is the dance hall, which is where the GALA Milonga will be taking place, surrounded with beautiful timber wooden flooring, and all the granduer of the era.



iconicbuildings3FITZROY TOWN HALL
The Fitzroy Town hall, an exemplary High Victorian building, features grand Corinthian porticos, temple forms and an extraordinary clock tower. It was built in two stages; the first stage constructed in 1873 and included the hall wing and tower, the second included extensions to the hall, new municipal offices, the library and was completed in 1890.
The building’s freestanding form and fine interiors are prominently distinctive.
The Melbourne Festival Argentino’s ‘OPEN DAY’ of Argentinian culture will take place in the library, a grand and impressive room.
The Closing Milonga will be held in the main Grand Ballroom.



new4iconic buildings1 aSTATE LIBRARY VICTORIA
The state library opened in 1856, but has since had many additions and alterations creating the masterpiece we see today. Most predominantly, the majestic dome which opened in 1913 and towers above the library’s façade.
‘One Night in Buenos Aires’ Exhibition will take place on the forecourt, also a spectacular visual, surrounded by the spectacular library’s façade, classical sculptures and manicured lawns in the heart of the city.